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The Clean Loop Center is a brand-new center designed to create a clean, safe, and enjoyable recycling-experience for people in Buffalo. With cutting-edge machines that can accept up to 300 containers, and the ability to get your deposit back via PayPal, Buffalonians are introduces to a cleaner, faster and more accurate way to recycle.  All these aspect had to be reflected in the design of the center, while at the same time reflecting the TOMRA brand and creating a seamless user journey throughout the recycling experience. This resulted in a playful, friendly and instructional design language reflected in all things visual in the center from the wayfinding, and signage to the machine instructions.



The exterior design of the building is a powerful and colorful experience made to catch the eye of the passers-by from the near by motor-ways since the center is located in an industrial complex in the outskirts of the city and does not get a lot of pedestrian trafic. The flying colorful bottles fill up the wall since recycling centers exclusively for bottles and cans are a new phenomenon in the area, and the company wanted the design to communicate this to avoid users showing up with all sorts of non-recyclable garbage. 

The bag drop is an essential part of the center's functionality, allowing the user to simply drop off large volumes of containers, and receiving a digital payout. This was a new concept and requires the users to download an app - therefore I worked alot on implementing instructional, visual elements throughout the center to help create a seamless experience for the user.

I rendered out the design in Sketchup mock-ups for review with the stakeholders before starting the application work with company partners in the US. The project taught me a great deal about working cross-culturally and managing large scale projects.

I made this video for the center's information screens, showing the users how to download the TOMRA app and receive payments digitally through Paypal, and also how to use the centers Bag Drop function.

This video explains the Clean Loop Recycling proces that's a repeating cyclus of using bottles and cans over and over again. This proces prevents harvesting the planets ressources of new virgin plastic material.


The Tombots, Queensland, Australia

This is a concept I made for the TOMRA recycling centers in Queensland, Australia. The reverse vending machines were made into characters in order to get local kids engaged in the recycling process. The revenue from the centers are donated to The Starlight Foundation - an organisation that creates entertainment and activities for sick children.