As a Danish Expat I decided to collect my experiences moving to Norwayand share them with other Danish expats in Norway. I set out to create a digital pocket guide with all the helpfull tips that I myself would have liked to know when I first arrived in Oslo.


Tools used: Adobe XD & Illustrator

essentials kopiessentials kopi

Moving to Norway

I found the practical proces of moving to the country a bit confusing sometimes. Even though I was moving from a neighbouring country, there was still quite a few practical things to take care of in order to become a legal citizen. Therefore I collected my experiences and made a step guide.


Ut på tur - Aldrig sur

A norwegian saying that means something along the lines of; "out on a hike, never angry." (works better in norwegian.)  but none the less decribes a mindset that is at the heart of Norwegian culture and embodies their favorite passtime which is to go hiking and staying in cabins all year round. Simply something you have to get used to if you want to hang out with Norwegians - I've gathered the basics: