Brand Logo eyescream and friendsBrand Logo eyescream and friends


Founded in Barcelona, Spain 2012, eyescream and friends is a young brand in the food retail sector that was created to change the way people view and interact with ice cream by offering a unique experience which is based around the following concept; you order an ice cream and then choose two dipping sauces. They’ll then prepare a small tray with the ice cream and the two sauces separately, so you can choose the amount of sauce in each bite. Your ice cream is also decorated with two little googly eyes. This concept driven approach to making ice cream has become quite the hit - causing eyescream and friends to expand and open up franchise stores steadily across the streets of the world. 

You can find eyescream and friends stores in Spain, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and soon also in Morocco and South Korea. I had the opportunity to create promotional- and branding material for eyescream and friends. Below you'll find various examples of my work which largely included visual content production for the brands various social media channels and merchandising purposes building on their existing visual identity and character design


Promotional video for store opening in Bahrain

                   T-shirt designs for the franchise web-shop

Interior design and decoration for a franchise store in Bahrain


Giphys and SOME content

Brand Logo eyescream and friendsBrand Logo eyescream and friends