This is my M.A. project which I made in collaboration with the Danish Police. It is about sales and purchase of stolen goods in Denmark and its negative consequences for society.
Buying or selling stolen goods is a criminal act, which is to provide one self or others part of assets obtained by a criminal offense. 

Sales and purchase of stolen goods is a major problem in Denmark. Stolen goods are bought and sold on a large scale among ordinary Danes and most of these stolen goods come from burglaries in Danish homes. The illegal business is biggest on the online market.
The market mechanism; "supply and demand" is in this case a a key factor.


My final product resulted in an awareness campaign meant to inform the Danish population about the consequences of buying stolen products online. Based on a thorough research on the subject, I made a cross-media design solution, involving a web site, a video and posters.

The campaign asks the question; "Do you lend a hand?" or in Danish "Gir' du en hånd?" - meaning, "Are you in fact contributing to the high burglary statistics in Denmark, when you shop online."



To educate the public about the fact that a lot of the very cheap goods they purchase online often stem from burglaries,  I made a web-site that contained a mini-game called "Test et tilbud", meaning "Test a good offer", in which users of the website were able to further investigate the origins of some suspiciously great deals on high-end consumer goods. Each deal would tell you a story of a person who used to own the product, how it was stolen from them, and what concequences it had on their lives. This game, although joyful in it's apperance, was meant to provoke thought and caution with online shoppers in Denmark, and promote an understanding of the link between burglaries and cheap products for online sale.





My campaign proposal was implemented in the city of Esbjerg.                                                  Here is the chief of police, Christian Østergaard, anouncing the winner of a contest related to the campaign.